Obtaining the Java Development Kit

Now that the theoretical underpinning of Java has been explained, it is time to start writing Java programs.

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Before you can compile and run those programs, however, you must have a Java development system installed on your computer. The one used by this book is the standard JDK (Java Development Kit), which is available from Sun Microsystems. Several other Java development packages are available from other companies, but we will be using the JDK because it is available to all readers. It also constitutes the final authority on what is and isn’t proper Java. At the time of this writing, the current release of the JDK is the Java 2 Platform Standard Edition version 5 (J2SE 5). Because J2SE 5 contains many new features that are not supported by earlier versions of Java, it is necessary to use J2SE 5 (or later) to compile and run the programs in this book.

The JDK can be downloaded free of charge from www.java.sun.com. Just go to the download page and follow the instructions for the type of computer that you have. After you have installed the JDK, you will be ready to compile and run programs.

The JDK supplies two primary programs.
  1. The first is javac.exe, which is the Java compiler.
  2. The second is java.exe,which is the standard Java interpreter, and is also referred to as the application launcher.
One other point: the JDK runs in the command prompt environment. It is not a windowed application. In order to Understand how to install JDK for eclipse check below link

How to Install JDK For Eclipse

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